For San Rafael CERTs: CERTs and Disaster Response within Neighborhoods

Saturday, February 4th, 2017  9:00-12noon

 Terra Linda Community Center on Del Ganado.

This workshop is hosted by San Rafael CERT. If you live outside San Rafael & are interested, let us […]

San Rafael CERTs Start Organizing

The foundation of community disaster response and resiliency is neighborhood organization. Neighbors knowing and helping neighbors after a disaster is the front line for preparedness. Marin County CERT recently […]

Gerstle Park Readiness Drills

Neighborhood readiness will be critical in a disaster. Knowing your neighbors, having a emergency meeting place and a plan will help reduce the inherent stress of a disaster. The […]

Twin Cities Residents: Prepare for Wildland Fire Class

The Twin Cities Fire Department is offering a FREE 2-hour class for Corte Madera and Larkspur residents to help you prepare for a wildland fire.

Learn why our communities are […]

Get Ready Gerstle Park!

The Gerstle Park Neighborhood association is holding a neighborhood emergency preparedness meeting Monday, March 10 at the Elks Lodge in San Rafael. The meeting will have various guest speakers […]