CERT Countywide Simulation Exercise

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Saturday, May 11, 2013 was a busy day for members of the Marin County CERT community. Marin County CERT’s second annual Countywide Exercise was held at the Romberg Center in Tiburon under the sponsorship of Tiburon Fire Department. Throughout the morning, professional firefighters from Ross Valley Fire, Marin County Fire, Mill Valley Fire, Corte Madera Fire and Larkspur Fire conducted review and practice sessions for 30 CERT members. This included the search methods for a damaged building, communication guidelines and how to search for, extricate and transport an injured victim.

The afternoon was spent in two simulations where volunteer victims were placed inside the buildings at the Romberg Center, some even placed in crawl spaces with drywall screwed into the openings to provide a more realistic experience for the CERT team participants. Victims were triaged at the site and then transported to a temporary treatment area.

Discussions after the simulations focused on lessons learned and suggested changes for next year’s exercise. Participation was limited to 30 this year, as firefighters also functioned as safety officers and plenty of mentor: CERT team discussion opportunity was provided.

The Simulation Exercise for 2014 is already in the planning stages and we’re looking at hosting it at the Romberg Center again. Details will be sent out as we confirm this but looking at a Saturday in April-May 2014

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