San Rafael Welcomes New CERTs

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San Rafael hosted the September CERT Basic Training at the San Rafael Fire Station on 3rd Street with 22 students completing the 18 hour class. Over a two-week period, students learned how to put out fires, locate injured volunteer victims in a damaged building, and transport them to a first aid station. The students worked together in teams, taking turns “rescuing” the volunteer victims and then treating them. Participants were even given the opportunity to hold a fire hose!

fire-hoseOn the last day of the class, CERT students had the opportunity to practice the new skills they had learned. A scenario was set up at the fire station so students could work within their teams to rescue and treat victims of a simulated earthquake. These skills will come in handy in an emergency or large scale disaster as CERTs step up to help their families, neighbors and their larger community.

“This was very worthwhile and we were so impressed with the firefighters’ skills and experience” and “loved the chance to actually practice what we learned in class” were common comments from the students.

When asked why they took the class, the new CERTs responded: “To become more competent and confident in times of need”, “to be self sufficient” and “I want to be prepared to protect myself, my family and neighbors in a disaster”.
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CERT, Community Emergency Response Team, is about readiness for an emergency, neighbors  helping neighbors, rescuer safety, and doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher, how to safely search a damaged structure for a trapped victim, how to safely transport the victim out, and the basics of first aid. Learn more about CERT or Register for a class.

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