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How I’m Prepared is an ongoing series on our blog to highlight how neighbors in Marin are getting prepared for a disaster. We want your story! If you would like to be profiled, please send an email to

I live in the Dominican area of San Rafael and am a Neighborhood Captain in the ReadyDominican program and a CERT graduate. I have stored food and water, and have basic camping supplies in case I have to shelter in place. My biggest concern is my dogs and cats and I have plans for getting out of the house in an emergency with them in tow. Every night when I go to bed, there are shoes and socks under the bed and a headlamp by my clock. My Grab & Go backpack is by the closet door. None of this took a lot of time to get together, but it saves me time worrying!

first-aidFirst Aid
I have two first aid kits, in the house and in the car, both of which I put together myself. I’ve included several Israeli bandages which you can put on a wound and it self wraps to provide pressure to stop bleeding. I also have trauma sheers that can cut through a seat belt, clothes, or a roll of tape.

backpack iconKit
I have a backpack in the bedroom with an extra set of clothes, zip lock bags with food for the pets, 2 extra leashes, cash in small denominations, and copies of my emergency contact information, driver’s license and other important phone numbers.

Neighborhood organizationNeighborhood Group
I am in a neighborhood group and have shared information so I know who has medical skills, a chainsaw, and who might need assistance due to mobility issues. I also have a handheld radio to communicate with other neighborhood captains.

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