Plan for Your Pets in the Event of a Disaster or Evacuation

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In 2005 there were many animals lost and abandoned during Hurricane Katrina. Those that were rescued were eventually shipped around the U.S. to shelters and new homes, many never to see their original family again.
If you have family members of the furry variety TAKE THEM WITH YOU if you have to evacuate. There are a number of scenarios that might cause you to evacuate, but a little planning ahead will enable you to take your pets with you.

If You Evacuate to a Shelter

While you cannot take an animal into a Red Cross shelter, it is likely the Marin Humane Society will be there to take your animals and care for them in the short term. You will need a crate, medications, leash, and proper animal identification such as a tag or microchip (best option). If MHS or other animal rescue services are not there, you may need to leave them in your car while you sleep in the shelter.

Stay With Friends or Family

Make contingency plans with family or friends to prepare to stay with them if you need to leave your home. Remember animals who are crate-trained are more welcome in other people’s homes! You should keep 5-7 days of food in their kit as well as a small supply of medications, if required.

Get the Furry Lowdown at ReadyPets

Our section on ReadyPets provides an excellent list of what to put in your pet evacuation kit. Read the list and take a few minutes today to get their plan in place. They are depending on you!

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