Stash Some Cash in Case of Emergency

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After a disaster there may be no electricity for days, a week, or longer. While you may have stored some food and water, it may not be enough. Some merchants may open their doors but require exact change to purchase an item. If you want to buy a $2 bottle of water and all you have is a $20 bill, that bottle may cost you $20.

Small Bills Only

We suggest you keep $100-200 in small denominations in a safe place. This might be in your kit or another hiding place that is easily accessible in your home. $1, $5, and $10 denominations should be stored in a sealed plastic bag.

You should also hide some money in your car kit in case you aren’t home when there is an emergency. Remember to keep your gas tank 1/2 full. If there is no electricity, there are no gas pumps!

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