A Few Earthquakes in California in 8 Days

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First, a 6.9 shaker off the coast of Northern California in Humboldt County on March 9. Today, a moderate earthquake in LA.

Take a moment and consider what you’ll need to be comfortable and safe (if you’re lucky enough to be home when a disruptive quake strikes). Emergency professionals tell us it’s a 7-day supply of food and water (along with First Aid and personal supplies) stored in an accessible space. I located a cabinet, have it placed in my small separate studio and have begun purchasing water and non-perishable foods to rely on in the event of a disruption of up to seven days. That said, do take time to put together a smaller kit and keep it in your car – I do because of my drives to and from Tahoe.

Check out the Plan & Prepare page on this site for more specifics. FEMA has great information online online as well as www.fema.gov.

Don’t forget a backup phone land line to access out of area relatives. If you don’t have one (I don’t), determine a neighbor who has one (I have). Family will need to know you are okay…and cell service likely will be disrupted. If you’re prepared yourself, you’ll be able to help those who aren’t.

Get Trained

So, here are some dates coming up for the CERT – Community Emergency Response Training or visit the calendar and register!

San Rafael: April 10, 12 and 19

Nicasio: May 17 and 31

Mill Valley: June 14 and 21

Novato: July 31, Aug 7 and 9

Liz Wasson
Director of Communications & Leadership, Novato Chamber of Commerce

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