Volunteer Opportunities for CERT Graduates

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Once you’ve graduated from CERT, we have more opportunities for you to practice and improve your skills. Volunteering to help build the CERT community is a great way for you to stay engaged.

Here are some ideas for you to help the CERT organization in Marin County:

  • Help welcome and check in students at the next CERT Basic Training in your area (check the dates under Calendar)
  • Be a victim during the Simulation Exercise at the next CERT Basic Training in your area. This will take about 3 hours of your time and is a great opportunity to see the other side of an emergency: how the rescuer responds to and takes care of an injured person.
  • Help us assemble backpacks and manuals for the upcoming classes
  • Help to update and maintain the CERT database for your area
  • Help  organize the CERTs in your area

Contact Maggie at 415-485-3409 or email coordinator@marincountycert.org if you would like to volunteer; we’ll work around your time availability.

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