CERT Grads: Download FEMA Smartphone App

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A picture is worth a thousand words. As we kick off the 2014 Hurricane Season, help FEMA highlight the CERT program and demonstrate your capacity as citizens and trained volunteers to provide accurate, on-the-ground situational awareness and augment the capabilities of professional responders during disasters. Though we aren’t prone to hurricanes in Marin County, this app will provide the same capabilities in an earthquake, wildfire or other major disaster.

As a CERT volunteer, you play an integral role in disaster reporting in your community. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate is calling upon CERT volunteers throughout the country, including you, to download the FEMA mobile app, which includes Disaster Reporter. Use the mobile app take a “selfie” with your preparedness kit or with your fellow volunteers in your CERT gear, or send in a picture of your team responding to a disaster or participating in a drill or exercise.

Why You Should Use Disaster Reporter

Here are the top four reasons:

  1. It provides FEMA responders, local emergency managers, CERT volunteers, and the public with greater visibility into disaster situations across the United States. This can help expedite emergency response efforts.
  2. It provides a reliable source for viewing disaster events around the country.
  3. It’s a great free resource to download straight to your mobile phone.
  4. Your support efforts in an impacted area will be displayed publicly on an online map.

Other Features in the App

In addition to the Disaster Reporter tool, the FEMA App also has preparedness tips, an interactive emergency kit checklist, recovery safety tips, open Red Cross Shelters, open FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers, andFEMA blog posts. The app is available for Android, Apple, and Blackberry. Download the app and share your photo!

Two screens from the FEMA app showing the blog and the Prepare section


Learn More

Learn more about Disaster Reporter at www.fema.gov/disaster-reporter. To download the FEMA app, please visit www.fema.gov/smartphone-app.

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