CERT Volunteers: Urban Shield Exercise

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This is a great CERT volunteer opportunity for graduates to participate in a regional disaster exercise. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office will host the Urban Shield 2014, a full-scale regional preparedness training exercise involving local, national and international first responder agencies on September 6 and 7.

The goals of Urban Shield are to evaluate the Bay Area region’s existing levels of preparedness and response capabilities to enhance the skills, knowledge and abilities of first responder agencies, while expanding regional collaboration and building relationships. It provides a platform for regional first responder agencies to work efficiently and effectively together during a large-scale disaster and/or major emergencies.

“Fire Branch” scenarios will be primarily based on responses to hazardous materials and land and water based search and rescue incidents. The scenario sites for Red Area Command will be located at the Oakland International Airport, the NASA/AMES Research Center in Mountain View and the San Leandro Marina.

At the NASA/AMES Research Center, Urban Search and Rescue (US&R)/Technical Rescue Teams will be joined together with other teams and presented with several realistic training scenarios. Examples of training scenarios include rescues from confined spaces, trenches, high and low angles and building collapse. CERT Teams should be prepared to assist US&R/Technical Rescue Teams with turning off utilities, moving victims to casualty collection points and treating victims at Medical Treatment Areas.

Some of the other positions and roles that are filled by CERT members include logistics/site support, role players and Ham Radio communications at all of the scenario sites.

How to Register

CERT members can register at http://www.urbanshield.org/index.php/volunteers/register.

On the landing page, select General Application.

In the box below Have you been referred to a specific site or to a specific person?, type Red Area Command.

In Locations Willing to Work, choose Alameda County.

For Date/Time Availability, select from the following 12 hour shifts:

  • 9/06/14 (0500-1700)
  • 9/06/14 (1700-0500)
  • 9/07/14 (0500-1700)
  • 9/07/14 (1700-0500)
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