What if You Had 10 Minutes to Evacuate?

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We have often seen someone on the news returning to their home after a disaster, to find it is gone. All they took with them was a few photos…or maybe nothing. This doesn’t have to be you. True, if you have 10 minutes you can’t take a lot, but you can prioritize now. Download the 10-in-10 checklist.

We call this a “10 in 10” exercise. If you have ten minutes to evacuate your home, what are the 10 items you’d take with you? Other than your children and pets, what would you grab?
A few ideas:

  • Your “Go Bag”
  • Family photos
  • Special keepsake
  • Important papers
  • Cell phone
  • Child’s favorite stuff animal

Your list will be personal to YOU. Download the 10 in 10 form and fill it out today. Post it inside the front closet or put in your evacuation kit. Even if you can’t find it in an emergency, the process of filling out this checklist will get into your brain and hopefully spark some quick thinking in the moment.

10-in-10 checklistOnce you’ve made your list, think about what you could organize now. For example, family photos and movies can be digitally scanned and stored on a USB drive. You can make two copies and put one in your safe deposit box or send to a family member out of town. Important financial documents, many of which already exist online, can be scanned and stored digitally.

If you have medical needs, talk to your doctor about getting an extra, emergency supply of your prescriptions to keep in your kit. Remember, ten minutes is not a lot of time. It may take that long to get yourself together, the children and your pets in the car. Think ahead. Now.

Grab and Go Bag

Putting together a grab and go bag is one of the best things you can do to prepare. Download our Grab and Go Checklist with ideas for what you can put together ahead of time. Leave it near an exit door.

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