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How I’m Prepared is an ongoing series on our blog to highlight how neighbors in Marin are getting prepared for a disaster. We want your story! If you would like to be profiled, please send an email to

I’m a volunteer at the County Office of Emergency Services and a CERT, so I carry with me an iPhone (and iPad & thumbdrives etc). with hundreds of Apps.  If WiFi /is live – I can find out news on Regular Media & Social Media NOW.  If WiFi is down – the Red Cross, Medical and similar apps – especially GoodReader – are filled with thousands of maps, checklists, forms, contact lists, and more to help me through the first few days.   And, of course, my home and car have all the usual stashes of stuff listed on the ReadyMarin free downloadable checklists.


First Aid & CPR
I’ve only had to give CPR twice, (I’m batting 500 so far), but I’ve taken CPR and First Aid a few times. My Go Kit, home, and car have the basics – some but not all what the Red Cross recommends. What I think will be extra handy will be extra plastic bags, duct and blue tape, gloves, and water, as every first aid event gets very messy very quickly.

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I have kits and stuff in multiple places. My CERT kit tends to be a bit heavy on first aid, record keeping, signage/marking tools and Incident Command System forms. My Go Kit is a bit heavy on mobile office supplies and a change of clothes. My car kit(s) have gadgets to charge the mobile phones. All of them have water, canned low salt nuts, undies, portable radios, pens, thumb drives with guides, out-of area contact lists, and more.

Neighborhood organization

Neighborhood Group
Right now, in my area of Terra Linda, the neighborhood groups are thinly organized – and we hope to do better, soon. In the meantime, I’m connected to the County Office of Emergency Services, and will likely show up there first when the big one happens.

family plan

Family Plan
My family is scattered all over the West Coast, so we share digital current lists identifying everyone’s home addresses and home and work emails and phones. We update the list often and exchange it by email. The plan is in the event of a disaster, we call ONE contact in Seattle to report who is where, in what condition, and with what plans. I’m the contact if the Northwest has problems. That way, ALL of us will connect and stay current after almost any event.

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Other Comments
Staying close to friends, family, and community is what it’s all about. You can call it Disaster Preparedness or you can call it Resilient Communities– there’s a big overlap. Getting prepared is a personal and family choice to be safe in times of stress and, even better, to be caring for everyone who is a part of your personal world.

How are you prepared? We want your stories! Send us an email at

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