Financial Preparedness

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Being ready for a disaster is more than storing water and supplies. You also need to be financially ready. Starting early and having a plan to pay your bills and access your important records and accounts help you get back on your feet faster and avoid problems with your credit when you need it most.

Pre-disaster financial planning is essential for individuals and families to complete because disasters leave many Americans without access to finances or with expensive damages. Thousands of Americans just like you – your neighbors and friends – have a plan and keep their important documents in their home disaster kit.

Being financially prepared means more than planning for disasters. Help ensure a strong financial future for you and your family by taking simple steps now to make your money work for you in the long run. Order a free packet of publications from and you’ll get tips on retirement benefits, smart saving for college, avoiding financial setbacks and more. You’ll also get a copy of the Consumer Action Handbook, full of tips on how to avoid scams and fraud to protect your money and financial future. Order your free packet of publications today. Share these free resources with your family and friends, so you can all be financially prepared this month.

Safeguarding your finances and important records is easy if you start now. These steps can help you get started:

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