Nicasio CERT Graduates 19 CERT Members

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Over the course of two Saturdays in Nicasio, residents were taught the basics of the CERT training from first aid, search & rescue skills, fire supression and how to organize a Command Post. On the second day, team members participate in a disaster simulation to put all their skills to work.

CERT trainees could be observed practicing search & rescue techniques shadowed by the the lovely green hills in Nicasio. Volunteers acting as victims were placed around the Marin County corporation yard and teams worked to locate, triage and transport them to a treatment area. This included rescuing our training mannequin from under hundreds of pounds of concrete through a process called cribbing.

Other CERTs, set up a medical treatment area to sign in victims, record and treat their injuries. Part of the disaster simulation exercise is learning the national Incident Command System, in which CERTs are taught to properly record activities so they can provide information and priorities to the first responders when they arrive. In the simulation, CERTs simulate a call to the Fire Department to give a report.

Residents from around the County all worked together to practice what they would do following an earthquake to help their neighbors. Nineteen new CERT members had fun, learned a lot and met other community members.

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