4.0 Earthquake a Reminder to Prepare

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The city of Piedmont in the Easy Bay was jolted by a 4.0 earthquake this morning. While there was no damage, this is a reminder to prepare.

Haven’t done anything to prepare? Today is the day you can start! but do these three things this week:

  • Fill out an emergency contact card for you and your kids. Put it in their backpack!
  • Store 1 gallon per person (and pet), per day, for a minimum of 3 days, preferably 5-7. (Pick water up at the grocery store each trip until you have what you need.)
  • Put a wrench by your gas meter and learn how, and when, to turn it off.

This won’t take long and you will be on your way to preparedness!

Read more in the Plan & Prepare section.

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