CERTs in Action in Non-Emergency Roles

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Mill Valley CERTs have assisted in several community events in late spring and during the summer. These activations, in non- emergency roles, provide assistance and back-up for law enforcement and fire but also help CERT members practice their skills.

Memorial Day Parade, May 25th

During this year’s Memorial Day Parade, CERTs were busy assisting police officers as residents gathered for the annual pancake breakfast and parade. Whether sharing public education materials with the Emergency Preparedness Commission members, helping direct residents and re-directing drivers as the parade began,CERTs were present and well supported by Mill Valley’s police officers. The Parade was fun as always andCERTs and police were working together to make the event was also safe.

Sashi McEntee

CERT Sashi McEntee talks with residents about preparing for an emergency.

CERT traffic control

CERT Steven Podesta helps maintain safe perimeter during the parade.

CERT crowd control

CERT Tricia Ossa cautions residents about getting too close to parade vehicles.

Dipsea Race, June 14th

Mill Valley CERTs Catherine Hooper, Claudia Cowan, Leo Copetta, Rhona Gordon and Warren Leiden, under the leadership of MV CERT Michael Fischer, supported the Mill Valley Police Department for the community’s annual Dipsea Race on Sunday, June 14th. CERT members provided directions, answered questions, manned street closures, set up and took down street closure signage and equipment at the direction of the Mill Valley Police Department Sgt. Michael Lane. An ancillary CERT responsibility was to serve asCERT Ambassadors to the many visiting runners and their support teams.

First run in 1905, the Dipsea is the oldest trail race in America. It is run every year on the second Sunday in June. The scenic 7.4 mile course from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful courses in the world. The stairs and steep trails make it a grueling and treacherous race. Because of its beauty and challenge, it is a very popular event, and because of safety and environmental concerns the number of runners is limited to about 1,500. While racers enter from all over the world, the Dipsea is primarily a Northern California event.

Mill Valley Police Chief J. Angel Bernal thanked MV CERT members in a letter declaring “By continually working together on citywide events and evacuation drills, this will continue to foster a great working relationship between CERT and the Police Department. By introducing the members of CERT to the officers and supervisors and learning each other’s job functions, this will in effect make it that much more straight forward to coordinate efforts when we have to look to each other in the event of an actual emergency.”

CERT dipsea

CERT Claudia Cowan warms up during Dipsea Race preparation.

Dipsea race

CERT Catherine Hooper works the crowd with smiles as the race disperses.

CERT traffic control

CERT Leo Copetta helps with traffic control during the race

C. Hooper, Mill Valley CERT Team Member
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