Autodesk in San Rafael Sponsors CERT Training for Emergency Teams

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Green-vested staff members were recently observed rushing around in the lobby and lunchroom at the Autodesk McInnis Parkway facility. Other staff members seemed to be injured and were ‘rescued’ by their co-workers. Did an earthquake happen only at Autodesk?

Apparently not, as we were reassured that this was just the November 17 & 18 CERT training for the ERT ‘s (Emergency Response Team), who will use the skills learned in  fire suppression, first aid and light search & rescue, to assist their colleagues should a  large scale emergency, such as an earthquake, occur. CERT instructors, Mike McCarthy from San Rafael Fire, and John Bruckbauer, Emergency Manager for San Rafael, brought the CERT training to Autodesk at the request of John Gerena, Disaster Assistance Manager.

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CERT trained staff members have now enhanced their emergency skills, which can be useful at work as well as at home. ERT’s were encouraged during the CERT emergency preparedness module to have food , water and first aid supplies at home for their families and in their car, which they can access at work. Workplace training to handle emergencies is becoming more common and Autodesk has taken a lead in this area.



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