Corte Madera CERTs Practice at Time Change Drill

This exercise was concurrent with the Neighborhood Response Groups (NRGs) semiannual “time-change” practice.  Fourteen (14) CERT members participated between 0830 and 1300.  Several other CERTs were on-site as representatives of NRGs to observe CERT at work.   The day before the exercise CERT members moved the Town Center disaster trailer to the Cove School parking lot so it could serve  as CERT radio net control station  and Incident Command Post during the exercise.   CERT participants spent approximately 45 minutes in a “just-in-time” refresher training of Size-Up, Search and Rescue (SAR) and basic triage skills prior to the start field operations at 1000.  Two CERT hand-carts equipped with a fire-extinguisher, medical and SAR supplies were used by CERT Field Teams. Areas of the school were searched, “victims” found and triaged and findings were conveyed by radio to the Command Post.

Representatives from various NRGs (see for more information on organizing neighborhoods) met the same morning  around Corte Madera and Larkspur with Command Posts set up and neighborhoods checking in via radio. This exercise tested the community’s ability to communicate through radios in the aftermath of a large-scale disaster and was considered a success with many lessons learned to improve the next drill scheduled for the fall. For more information, contact Skip Fedanzo at or Lee & John Howard at

CERTs participate in Corte Madera Drill at Cove School;

CERTs prepare to deploy for search exercise and NRG Command Post at Cove School (below).



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