Marin County CERTs Practice Communication Protocol

On October 21, over 50 CERT members from around Marin County participated in a communication workshop, hosted by Marin Valley Country Club in Novato. Realizing that in a disaster communication is always one of the most significant challenges, CERTs in Marin have been working on strategies to insure that the needs encountered in neighborhoods can be passed on to the appropriate public safety officials. Number of injured individuals, status of damaged buildings and roadways that are blocked would all be important for those at the local emergency operation center to know. Which of these incidents can be safely managed by CERTs and which would require additional resources is a crucial part of the communication.

During our recent drill, ably led by Skip Fedanzo from Corte Madera CERT and Rob Ireson, Greenbrae CERT, participants were divided into teams, given a radio (walkie talkie) with noted frequency and a list of incidents to report. Taking turns being the Communication Control Team as well as a reporting CERT team, everyone had lots of opportunity to practice proper protocol and technique.

A countywide communication protocol for CERTs continues to be our goal with each annual workshop adding to the final touches.

Captions: 50 CERTs from around the county were part of a communication workshop in Novato in October, with all participants having the opportunity to practice correct messaging & protocol.

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