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You’ve completed the CERT training. Now what? We are committed to providing you with opportunities and direction on how to maintain and broaden your skills. In an emergency, CERT members will be part of the citizen first responders, coordinating with other volunteer organizations until professional help comes. It is critical for graduates to both practice and expand their skills, as well as build relationships with other members of their community.

A great example of how CERT members helped was during wildfires in Florida. The Edgewater CERT helped emergency management and the fire department  by assisting with evacuation, handling donations, preparing food for firefighters, and answering the phone while the professionals fought the fire.

Advanced trainings for CERTs are posted in the News and Events as well as sent via email to all CERT graduates. If you are a graduate and not getting emails from us, send your contact information to info@readymarin.org.

Listed below are ideas and event categories that can provide you with further training and involvement.

Drills & Simulations

We conduct an annual countywide disaster simulation to refresh your skills in first aid, search and rescue, and emergency organization. It is also an opportunity to meet and work with our first responders to develop relationships and learn new hands-on skills.

Take CERT Again

If it’s been a long time since you were certified, please participate in a new class and get re-certified. You are also welcome to come help in the class, support the simulations by being a volunteer, or provide the trainers with set-up assistance. Contact us for more information.

First Aid, CPR and AED Training

Splinting SR CERTThe CERT training taught you basic first aid skills to stop bleeding, splint, treat for shock, and set up a makeshift hospital. The American Red Cross offers classes to expand your First Aid skills through additional, more in-depth classes. If you don’t know CPR or how to use an AED, these are skills that can help save lives.

Visit the Marin County Emergency Medical Services Agency for a list of agencies that provide CPR and First Aid classes in Marin County. Marin County CERT periodically offers classes to graduates at a reduced rate for both First Aid and CPR. Subscribe to our e-mail list and stay informed.

MMRC – Marin Medical Reserve Corps

The Marin Medical Reserve Corps is a program that provides trained, organized, expert professional volunteers to supplement Marin County’s response to public health and disaster medical needs. Their mission is to recruit, train, deploy, and retain volunteer health professionals and others who will contribute their skills and expertise in response to threats of terrorism, public health emergencies, and other community needs.

You can apply to this organization even if you are not a medical professional. Learn more about MMRC.

Form a Neighborhood Group

Get together with your neighbors and discuss how you would respond to a disaster, share contact information and build a plan. Talk to your friends and encourage others in your area to do the same. Best case is if there is an emergency, you and your neighbors have skills and plans to respond. If there isn’t a disaster, at least you have built community spirit. Take the lead!

Become a Trainer

Perhaps you would like to be a trainer? Learn how to teach the Get Ready or CERT training. We also teach all 5th Graders in Marin County the Get Ready 5th Grade class. Contact us for more information.

Safety Fairs

Our goal is to spread the word about the importance of citizen readiness, whether through the Get Ready or CERT programs. We provide outreach to the public at safety fairs and other community events. Volunteer to staff a table and talk about your experience with CERT to promote community involvement.

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