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Get Ready is a free 2-hour class to teach you how to stay safe before, during and after a disaster.

gr5Marin's disaster response professionals emphasize the critical importance that all Marin residents be prepared to survive for 5-7 days, in their homes following a disaster. The Get Ready class, offered throughout Marin County, will help you plan for an emergency with a family plan, evacuation checklist, and strategies to keep your family safe.  Marin public safety agencies offer this two-hour course to teach you what to do before, during and after a disaster.

The training is scheduled in many communities throughout the year or can be requested by a resident and held at your local fire department, community center, or in your own home. You may attend a Get Ready class anywhere in Marin! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a list of Get Ready contacts in Marin County.

To find a Get Ready class already scheduled, check the Calendar.

time2 Hours

The training is 2 hours but can be customized to your specific needs.

kitBuild a Kit

Learn what to include in your home, work, and car kits.

Disaster Disaster 101

Wildfire, flooding, earthquakes. Learn about each and what to do if a disaster strikes.

planFamily Plan

Make a plan to evacuate your home, where to meet if separated, and out-of-town contacts.

Get Ready Overview

You can download the Get Ready materials to read and/or review in the Resources section below.


The risks for a major disaster in Marin County is one of the highest in the state. You will learn how to prepare yourself and your home for a disaster, including specific instructions on storing water and food. Checklists for emergency survival kits for your home and your car are included.


  • Learn how and when to turn off utilities
  • How to identify hazards in your home
  • Overview of first aid and the supplies you should keep on hand


You may or may not be home when a disaster occurs. You will learn the basics of building a family plan for evacuation which includes planning for your children and pets. If your family gets separated, how will you reunite? What if your children are in school? Communication is key in a disaster and you’ll learn the various ways to get information and communicate with your family.


  • Build a 10-minute evacuation list
  • Hold family fire and earthquake drills
  • Learn how the Marin County TENS (Telephone Emergency Notification System) works

You will learn the basics of how to keep yourself safe during an earthquake in a variety of situations. Learn how to inspect your home after a quake, protect your water supply, determine if gas is leaking, and shelter in place. We live in an area in great danger of wildfire. Learn how to get information, prepare for evacuation, deal with your pets and prepare your house if you have to leave. Alternate routes for leaving your home, such as walking paths, will be reviewed. Marin County has also experienced flooding caused by strong storms that overwhelm our drainage systems and saturate our hillsides. With storms often come power outages and downed power lines. Learn what to do and not do in these situations.


  • Learn the basics of shelter in place
  • How vegetation management can make your home easier to protect
  • Basic home maintenance and construction to reduce your fire risk

It is natural in a disaster to pick up the phone and call family and friends. You'll learn about the limitations and options for communicating after a disaster. We'll discuss shelters and first aid assistance. Sanitation is critical and you'll learn the basics for managing this with or without a water supply. Fires and earthquakes can be terrifying experiences for you, your family and your pets.


  • Discussion of disaster psychology
  • Learn how to purify water if supply is contaminated

However well prepared we are as individuals to cope with an emergency, neighbors must depend on neighbors for mutual assistance and protection. You will learn about the CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) and how the program teaches you to set up neighborhood groups. As a neighborhood, you can identify people who have mobility issues, medical needs or children who are home alone.


  • Build a neighbor group
  • Work with your fire department to identify fire prevention activities

Get Ready Materials

Find a Class in Your Area

Listed below are Get Ready contact information and classes currently scheduled. Just click on the contact link or call the phone number to find out if a class is scheduled or request one! We want to be informed!

415 435-7386

415 868-1566

Corte Madera
415 927-5797

Hicks Valley
707 762-6086

415 669-7151

415 453-7464

415 927-5007

Marin City
415 473-7610

415 479-0122

Mill Valley

Point Reyes
415 663-1018

415 897-4361

Ross Valley/Ross
415 258-4686

San Geronimo
415 499-6717

San Rafael
415 485-5067

Southern Marin
415 389-4138

Stinson Beach
415 868-0622

415 388-5414

415 435-7386

707 878-2464

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