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Get Ready 5th Grade, available to all 5th graders in the Bay Area, is a 1-hour lesson to learn about possible disasters in our area and how to take action and lead their family to prepare for emergencies at home. Studies have shown that children can be very effective in disaster preparedness. 70% of homes where children brought home materials from school have had a family discussion about preparedness.

Helping your children prepare for these untimely events can decrease the anxiety they may feel when hearing about worldly disasters, give them a feeling of power in a difficult situation, and could even save their lives. Please support your child as they lead you in this important lesson.Get Ready 5th grade pages

“Engaging youth is an integral step in preparing the nation for all hazards,” said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. “Youth have a unique ability to influence their peers and families to be more resilient, and children play an important role in disaster preparedness, during and after a crisis.”

Why the 5th Grade? 5th graders are at the appropriate age group in terms of maturity level and ability to influence family members. Studies have shown that they’re at the right age to take this information, learn it, and apply it to their life.

Be Informed. Make a Plan. Get a Kit.

Students assume the role of a Chief Inspector and lead their family through the necessary steps to:

  • Learn about hazards in their community
  • Establish emergency contacts
  • Determine the location of utilities, and understand when and how to secure them
  • Map their homes, create evacuation plans, and mark meeting places
  • Identify items to take during an evacuation
  • Create emergency kits
  • Develop family emergency communications plans

There is one homework page, the Inspection Report, which needs to be returned to class within the next week. There is no grade for this assignment.

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If you have a child in the 5th Grade, ask their teacher if the program is being conducted in your school.

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